You scratched, clawed, and coached your way to consistent clients.

Now, you want the right clients. The ones you love to coach.

And you want them joining wait lists to work with you.

And they will. Once your words help them see
that you’re THE coach they NEED.


Copy, Blog Posts, And Content Strategy
for a Coach. By a coach.

I’m Joe Brachocki. And not only am I a kick-ass copywriter. I’m a coach too (My business is “The Opportunity Lens”). So I know what you’re going through. And I know how powerful – and needed – your coaching is. I want to help you get your message out to those who need you. So you can spark change. Ignite hearts. And light up the world. Even more than you are already.

I do that in a few ways:

  1. Copy (Written to get the people you really want to work with excited to do just that.)
  2. Blog Posts (6 or 12 months of posts strategically planned to keep increasing excitement for what you do.)
  3. Bonuses:
    • Site Structure Recommendations (Good copy still needs to work together towards a common goal.)
    • Social Media Recommendations (For posting along with your blog posts.)
    • Ideal Client Snapshot (Gathered from questionnaires, discovery sessions, and client interviews.)
    • Monthly Newsletter to highlight the theme of the month, services, and blog posts.